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This is Freddy

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Not bad.

Not bad bro. Nicelly done. I love the stereo war. Pretty damn good.

what the fuck was that?

What kind of shit was that?

Very Interesting!

I enjoyed this a lot!

It was great to watch and to be honest i can't stop watching it.

Great Work!

ShortMonkey responds:


didn't care for this (But freddy WAS nicely drawn)

Kinda confusing mostly.

I liked the spoken intro - it had a nice lyrical rhythm to it.

Freddy was drawn quite nicely - I liked all the angular lines. Sorta looked as if you'd used modify>simplify or something, to good effect.

I think your character would have looked good drawn similarly though and the single eye is too far forward - the character kinda looks as if he only has one eye.

The mouths were moving way too fast - certainly keep the open shapes open for longer and don't necessarily try to fit in every single phoenome. When folk speak, they don't instantly close their mouths after each word.

Anyways, the plot itself just seemed a bit disappointing to me. It seemed like the highlight was meant to be the song, but for me that section just really dragged on. The start before that and the bit after just didn't really have any impact on me at all.

It seemed like a lot of the interesting action happened off-screen. Maybe show us a silhouette of the body he's just killed?

And for me maybe a little more exploration of the characters would have helped it have an impact.

Sorry, didn't care for this much.

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ShortMonkey responds:

thanks for the review anyway :)

oh and with Freddy, I didn't use anything like Modify>Simplify or whatever - I drew it witha brush tool and tidied up the outline with the black arrow tool...


Well the voice acting although it was pretty clear didn't really have much to it, might want to work a little bit on that to kind of add more feeling to the whole situation, in parts it just didn't really seem to work with the story. Also, the part with the prison and the music, in my opinion the music just went on for a little too long and the constant flicking back and forth of charaters did seem to get a little boring to watch.

The story and idea seems to be pretty good and with a little more animation and some more practice with voice acting, it could have worked very well. Could do with a few full body shots in parts too, like the opening, you couldn't see the dead body, lol.



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ShortMonkey responds:

haha cheers for the review

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4.41 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2008
10:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Original