Chaz-o's 200th-ish Flash

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Its Chaz-o's 200th-ish flash submission.




cant wait for 200 more flashes from my favrouite sprite a day author (still) XD cya man

mamaluigi responds:

aww shucks *blushes*

Wow - 200!

I waited for ages for the bacon to be brought home - alas in vain. Can't wait for the next 200.

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mamaluigi responds:

If it only took me about 2 months to get from 100 to 200... I can be over 500 by the end of the year XD

But of course thats not gonna happen.

350 maybe 450 tops.


Well, this was ok. But not anything spectacular. You could probably make this better by putting... maybe more then one animation? Well, anyways congrats on the 200th submission.

mamaluigi responds:

I agree.

Nah... its fine jus the wai it is.

ty thoe.


did you actually needed to be 4 to do this flash?

I understand you might be happy to have done 200 flash but doing a bad flash say it is not quite good for your image

the music was ok but the graphic is not what I would think someone whit that much experience would do

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mamaluigi responds:

yes i did.

i am quite happy with such an accomplishment. The way people think of you is fairly simple to change, but im happy with what ive done and will continue to do.

Yeah i know... but im too lazy to animate something spectacula... but ill attempt something just for you.

Youve inspired me. srsly.

im sorry but no

You may have submitted 200 flshes, but almost all of them are just pictures of pokemon and famous people. That's not really an animation is it? So cut the crap and really animate! (Sorry Chaz-o!)

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mamaluigi responds:

True, but there will be many more to come, and many new chances.

A flash is a flash no matter how you animate it.

Lol dunt worry about it., i get that alot.

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Mar 18, 2008
4:13 PM EDT
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