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DBZ Play!!

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Hey guys. I haven't submitted anything in literally years!

This is something I've been playing around with for the past 2 days.

It's short and it's DBZ related and if you don't like that then turn away now.

It's pretty pointless but it was fun to make and hopefully some of you will get a little kick out it.


[EDIT] Preloader's screwed. I'll fix that later... providing this passes judgement.



I wish I was HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWSOMENESS

djleeroy responds:

Don't we all... *sigh*


I enjoyed this. It was eyecandy to me. Not a sprite in sight and it was very well paced. I watched it a number of times. I prolly will do so more in the future. Thank you. :3

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djleeroy responds:

Sprites? Please, don't insult me! :P I like to draw everything from scratch. I'm glad you appreciate the pacing. I'm especially proud of the part where he chases after the dummy. Just the sheer speed of it.

I find this becomes addictive after the first watch. Even I can't stop watching it when I play it once.

Glad you like it! :)


the art wasnt as good as it could have been

but dam the special effects were fuckin sweet dude, like the blasts, and the charging. preaty cool dude

just mayb need'd somthing more, but for just a experimental dbz type flash, u now kno u could do somting very great

djleeroy responds:

I didn't to spend an unneccessary amount of time on the art work. It was all about speed and kicking that dummy!

Glad you enjoyed. Cheers.


hey this is pretty good, only thing it needed is that at the end it had a replay button instead of looping...

djleeroy responds:

Aye, ran into a few problems with the preloader... as in it doesn't work. Like I said in the description, I'll try and fix it but the whole flash may be buggy anyway...

Glad you enjoyed it, cheers!


Nothing special art-wise, but cute, and opens up an interesting line of discussion; what would a Sayan training dummy be MADE out of? Godium? Indestructite? Ludicrystals?

Doing something from the dummy's point of view with a bit of a monologue would be gold if you did it right. Call it "And you think your job sucks".

djleeroy responds:

I never thought of that. I just wanted to make a dummy out of one my of my characters instead of something anonymous.

I might just think about it.


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2.87 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2008
8:46 PM EDT
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