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Castlevania: Poking Smot

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This is the story of two "Cannabis" Hunters and the Evil Castle of Dracula: Castlevania. I worked on this video about 2 weeks its pretty funny and it was inspired by another Castlevania Video I saw on Newgrounds.

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That sucked ass. It wasn't funny and it was completely half-ass. This person has probably never smoked reefer and just wanted to be cool. I'm a lazy blazer and have very little experience with making animations. seriously i have zero videos on my profile. but i could probably do way better than this fucker has. this was like a third grader made it.

This is an outrage!

I'm the guy who made Castlevania: BTS, and I can proudly say my animation is better than this one. How in gods name did this gt a higher rating? Jesus.


H'okay... where to start. Well, I'll try to start positively. Um... okay, a good point. I liked the spinny 3D cannabis leaf sphere thing. That was nice. I liked that.

...okay, I'm out of good points. I think part of the problem here was... well, this basically didn't suit a sprite animation. It felt like it was done as a sprite animation either just for the sake of it, or just out of laziness. I don't know which and I'm not going to make assumptions.

like weed smokers

this fuckin video, and i only review this to say on thing i hate of this kind of videos, sucks. WHy? 'cause, like most of the videos i saw about pot, it was made by somenone that, obviously, never smoked pot in his damned life. And he doesn't know what's fun and what's not