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Super Sonic - His World

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It's kinda hard to explain but, ...! This is the sequel to Sonic's World!

Please note that this is still a music video, which means NO SFX!

This is my first attempt with NO tracing bitmaps.
(What in the fuck are those stupid lines!?!)

If you haven't watched the previous one, here's the link:

No Requests! (I have to)

As usual, If there are any glitches, tell me.

PS to every SMBZ Hardcore-fans: I FOUND THOSE SPRITES ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The spritesheet of IT hasn't got many poses, so I made custom ones.

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what did metal sonic turn into?!?!?!?

It's cool and all but the scene where metal sonic is transforming should be improved... Also when are you going to maek Hyper Sonic - His World? Just search up hyper sonic advance sprites or visit the way back machine to go to mfz and use the one there... Hope this helps...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's so funny

awesome movie!!!

Epic cool awsome other goog things