Horro Harddrive Mission

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Play as a program inserted into a hard-drive to kill all the viruses, and salvage the undamaged files.
---Up to Jump
---Down to Crouch
---Space to Punch
---Down + Space to kick
---You Can enemy ride by jumping on an enemie's head and holding the jump button

Wow, first submission of 2008. I worked extremely hard on this game, so please don't mind the mochiads, just trying to make a lil' buck for my time. This has seven levels plus four challenge levels (so 11 levels in all) for the hard of core. I worked very hard on the graphics (probably my best visuals to date) but in all honesty, I did employ some bitmap work in the platform graphics.

The game is a platform/action game with, believe it or not, some puzzle elements. For instance, all enemies can be killed, but some you shouldn't or else you can use them as platforms to jump off of to get to the disc. While some might get very confused with that portion of the game, I think its what is going to set this apart from other in the genre.

You may experience minor slowdown in larger levels (mainly levels "2" and "6") but for the most part I conserved the amount of things onscreen, opting for a simple straight-black background, which worked (in my opinion) very well.
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Needs more speed.

And better backgrounds, I couldn't tell if I was in a computer or a really dark room.

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demoninabottle responds:


Good, but cannot be played

It was a fine submission execpt for one thing; you move so slowly that trying to play through the entire thing would drive anyone insane. That and perhaps some work on the audio. Nice job

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demoninabottle responds:

Thanks man


That's not a very creative idea for a game.

demoninabottle responds:

Ok, but how was the execution


sory it`s not funny

demoninabottle responds:

It's not meant to be?

Nice but not very smooth

At first, your graphical style is neat, animation is good and gameplay is standard but OK. I suggest you make everything a bit faster, especcially the speed of the main character, he isn't moving very smooth. You might also add some Background immage, to make it less boring to look at. But overal it's a great game. Nice presentation and menus. Also the music fits perfectly.

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demoninabottle responds:

Alright, thanks man. I'm going to speed it up abit.

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3.27 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2008
2:53 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other