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thisis the trailer to a few filmsi will be makeing im just putting it out there to see if peeps like itand want it, im new to flash so help me withconstructive critisism


Warhammer 40K anyone?

As a patron of the Black Library, I was a bit disappointed. The Necron was done relatively well compared to the Ultramarine - which needed A LOT of re-working.
It resembles an MS PowerPoint trick I used for one of my engineering classes.
It might become something but it really NEEDS work. This MIGHT become a notable creation if nurtured properly.

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Its a start

Its not the best, in fact it screams new.But such is the path of trail and error witch leads to the doors of skill.

You got moving bodyparts all you have to do is draw better ones rather than using basic shapes, it adds to the effort and filesize but it gives a huge boost to look and feel.

Rather than than just side views of stuff try to get some perspective going.
Cool angles and effects are what makes the difference between good flash and legendary flash.

Spell your comments right, if you dont it makes you sound stupid, if you do it will make people take you more seriously and therefore judge more fairly.

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Sirsnipes responds:

ya sorry about the comments my keybound is screwed up so my spacebar sometimes doesent work

Looks good

Can't wait for the movie.

Not bad I guess.

First film and all that, not a bad try. I'd love to see this improved, maybe with some proper audio (of the guns, etc.). I'd like to see the actual movie as well.

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Sirsnipes responds:

i tryed that but the audio trailed into each scene andbecame all out of sync and way you knowon how to prevent this from occuring

need work

it was short and u need to fix some thing on it if u do it might be a 7 or 8/10

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1.80 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2008
12:20 PM EDT
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