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Assistant and employee II

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A few years back a friend made a .gif of these things in an ICT class, then I made a flash version for him, then I made a better flash version anyway, this is part II, neither of us are really sure what the things are, or which one Assistant or Employee, or what it's really about to be honest. The music is provided by one of my other friend's band "Liver & Sherbert".

As I said, this is part II, unfortunately i couldn't upload part I to Newgrounds due to it's music being in a separate.swf, however you can still find it on my Website www.madlyinsane.com

Enjoy (or at least try to)


P.s. This animation contains Alot of flashing images!!!



Way to flashy and totally pointless!!!
not funny at all
Try making flasg GAMES!!!

madlyinsane responds:

It wasn't supposed to be "funny" it was supposed to be sort of psychedelic, and sorry i don't use "flasg".


Yeah i realize that you warned about the flashing images but they were really unnessacary. Every if you are above 18 it doesn't affect your ability to be annoyed and or get a headache from this. The animation wasnt any good at all either, basic characters and motion tweens was all it was and any idiot can do that.

madlyinsane responds:

THe idea of being above 18 is that you're old enough to make the decision yourself, plus children are more prone to seizures than adults.

It looks alright.

I couldn't watch the whole thing, but it looks like it's pretty good. Oh and thanks for the warning, btw. Very considerate of you!

madlyinsane responds:

Thanks it's a shame you couldn't watch it all the way through though.

worthy enough

just a little to iunno boring. I did not prefer it but because i know people may like imma give it a fine score around 2 or 3 outta five.

madlyinsane responds:

Well each for their own, not every one is going to find it interesting, thanks for the 2 or 3 ot of 5 :)


my favorite part was when I closed it. that was definately the most enjoyable part. Seriously though, I know flashing lights are cool, but there's more to it than that. Make something that involves more than a few scales and twists. I believe in you.

madlyinsane responds:

Thanks for believing me, If you watch some of my other stuff, it is more than just a "few scales and twists" I just made this one for fun really, it's more something you watch to space out on than anything.

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2.45 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2008
7:20 PM EDT
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