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[SG] 3RD RAVE!!!

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DJ Axe is back.

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Another good one.

Great! And this time there's no glitch where the song loops. Keep it up!

And I know this is stupid to say, but if there's anything I can do to help you out with "Through the Fire and Shades", just ask. I'll be there.


AxeShades responds:

Word up.

Pretty Good

This is my single favorite rave song.
Nice flash also.

AxeShades responds:

Ravers Fantasy is amazing.

It was pretty good

Could use some smoother music and better animation, other than that, pretty good. Btw, u could use a longer auther comment for ppl who dont know what DJ
Axe is...

AxeShades responds:

lol. Good point.

Another Awsome By Axe

At first, before I joined, I didn't care for the raves. It was boring, and shit. BUT I LOVE THEM NOW! As someone has said, you should have had something more than just the loop at the end. But this one was better than the first 2. Again, your new rave has outdone itself.

BTW, what happened to the SupaShades Spasm thing? It couldve been added before, then a flying by Supa during the loop.

And, what happened with your Through the FIre And The Shades? Taking a break? I can't wait to see it!


You really did it this time man! You have upped the greatness of the Shades Gang name once again with this new and improved Rave. The graphics DEFINATELY showed you put work into it. The song also kicked the ass of everything.

-NinjaShades (fuck my old account. Tiki's is SOOO much easier to use. So what if my lazy is showing? Suck it!)

AxeShades responds:

lol. Fire and Shades, oh man so much work... lol. I was taking a break for a long while there might start up again soon.


good song good graffics good movie,good everything

and peoples you should watch it cus its cool and tell your freinds
to watch it cus it cool.

Teh Awesomeness, Keep it going ^^ 10 all the way. *hits favorite button*

Go "DJ Axe"

AxeShades responds:

XD thanke.