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[SG] Burned Down

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Fireshades burned down Axeshades rave house...

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Too Damn Funny

FIRESHADES,U BURNED DOWN MEH RAV HOUSE! the other guy looks like someone from dagonball Z,and dragonball Z is gay.

Axe's best short funny!

Hahaha! Best short ever maybe! No... wait... But it's still awesome. Great use of artwork, and the man was a great drawing. You really live up to your greatness. But maybe make FireShades a bit more realistic?

AxeShades responds:

It's a cartoon. what part of cartoon emphasizes real? lol.


that guy keeps getting his house burned down all the time, huh?

well, at least it wasn't meh this time lol =)

AxeShades responds:


eh decent

I only watched it because it had SG in the title and i thought it might involve a Gibson SG but it didnt... It was decent tho so at least it wasent a total loss. Next time put in the SG and you will have a perfect score.

AxeShades responds:

Sorry but i won't put Gibson SG in it just to impress you ;)

a hillarious short flash.

a really, fun, short movie. i loved hwo you did the voice acting on ''NOOOOO'', and how you made the express and talk. the ending is... sursprising. so its cool. i like it

AxeShades responds:

lol. Yeah i had fun acting it out.