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Well, if a random blob was jumping around and stopped in front of you, what is there to do? The clear answer is to not stare at it and think. This is my second flash quickie, I am very sorry about this orginal as the audio was completely off and now my 1-3 keys on my harmonica are busted for the revised audio in this one. Hope you enjoy.

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pretty funny

short funny and to the point! i don't know why the file size was soo big tho. but that didn't stop me from enjoying the flash, nice work

TorchedBear responds:

thanks! It had about 4 alternative audios for that and I never pulld them out, so I think that's why it's so large.

nice artwork but..

i like that style of art work, but i think you could have made his arm solid when he went to scratch his head, more over I dont think the music matches very well the the animation but thats just my tastes....

TorchedBear responds:

As stated, sound is off key, but the animation is just the way I'll draw stuff, unless keeping them transparent causes clutter between actions, I'll keep it as Is, just personal taste. But I guess I will do my best to fix upon that dilemma, I will be starting another flash soon.

Well done.

Your song went well with your animation and for that I applaud you. On the other hand, you did ok in the actual animation of your characters. It lacked length and reason for why the guy got hit by spikes, although I think that is a given when you use the word "quickie". But you still could have conveyed a message in the short time period you had to create the story. For example, Boy meets little lumpy thing, little lumpy thing looks at boy, and little lumpy thing gnaws boy's head off. End of Story. Oh well, for your second animation I believe you have potential to make exceptional flash movies.

TorchedBear responds:

Thanks for understanding the quickie. These are not to convey messages, but if you feel the ned to have one you can see this as an encounter with a someone or something completely random and the often irreverent things that may coincide with them.

It was ok

The animation was kinda good but music was a bit annoying

TorchedBear responds:

Thanks for that, my harmonica broke for this one, so it was limited play, I guess i will convert to music.