Superhuman: SDO Day #13.5

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Superhuman: Super Dance-Off
Day #13.5: Galactus

Inspired by AfroUnderscoreStud's series Adolf Hitler in Catching ('em) All in 493+ Days. This series follows all of the world's Superheroes AND Supervillains as they both compete for the title of Dance Champion of the World. This is the third and final installment of the series.

After only a half-performance from "Originality", Galactus decides its time for him to dance!


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Little animation skill required, pointless and it just wasn't funny.

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mamaluigi responds:

Needing little animation skill IS the point.

and like i said before: ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY.

If it's not funny...

...and it's not serious, and it's not entertaining, then what would that make this? I'll give you a few minutes to guess...

...annoying crap with no redeeming value what-so-ever. What are you going to do once you've reached whatever your ultimate goal is on NG? Maybe if you got your own site, then you could complain about people not liking it, since it would be your site and not a site in which people can criticize it.

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mamaluigi responds:

Its not supposed to be funny, and its DEFINATLY not a serious flash... But on the contrary, it does entertain many people.

Its something to help occupy your time while on the interwebs.

it may be annnoying to some people like you, but alot of people actually like these. When im finished with this series ill be done with it... for a while.

Why would i make my own site if im not selling anything? This is what NG is for.

Also: I have NEVER complained about anyone not liking these flashes, infact, i dont expect everyone to like them. The only thing i do is answer questions or reply to comments in people's reviews.

very boring

i was actully expecting something to happen

then i got let down
i don't understand what this crap was supposed to be or how it was supposed t be funny, but whatever

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mamaluigi responds:

Well, you thought wrong.

Its a flash.

Its NOT supposed to be funny. Not everything has to be funny.

It was........

I thought this was alot better than that last movie that was made as "Day #13" which was highly offensive (only because it was put out as all audiences). It could have been better with some shopped up DDr arrows that actually moved to the beat. Also, switch up the character motion, it would be cool to have a strange loop of odd movements that will entertain and get laughs rather than borer the audience after 30-40 seconds. As for sound, it seemed to drone on rather than completely thrill or keep me focused.

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mamaluigi responds:

I know... the other day #13 wasnt made by me, but rather by some missguided fan of mine.

But yeah... making the arrows in sync with the flash takes too much work... so meh.


His moves were extreme...

mamaluigi responds:

Radical dude.

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2.54 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2008
9:25 PM EDT
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