Irish Mice

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I was originally intending to do a better music video for this. But I rebooted my PC and lost this and a few other flash related things. I only managed to recover this because I sent it to a friend to see what he thought, but I thought I'd put it up because regardless of the fact it is a loop I still think its an okay bit of flash... for me.

I hope you enjoy it, apologies again for the lack of creativity and variation, this is all I could salvage.



I didn't really know what to expect, but to be honest, I thought this was pretty funny. I was pretty dissapointed when it looped instead of actualy doing anything, and im sure you can do better on the art and animation. Was the version of this that you lost better animated than this?

Gizzo responds:

The version that was lost had different angles and perspectives. For example at the beginning there was just a mouse strumming the guitar once and then the other mouse dancing. I hadn't finished it yet but in the lost version there was ALOT more variation, more mice etc... so yes it was better.

I was gutted to see it get deleted because it was one of my best flashes. Thank you for your reply though.


The artistry was something that i can compliment, but the fact it was a constant loop with music really stole from what could have been good. Also, I'm not sure I remember the crediting for the creator of the song.

Gizzo responds:

The truth is I don't know who writ the song! I got it off Limewire and it said it was Flogging Molly but I have my doubts.

clean and simple...not bad really

i'm not saying it would be easy to animate river dancing, but a lot of what you hear is coming from the dancers' feet. musicainists were fine, but need fancy feet :)

Gizzo responds:

In my most recent version I think there were around 4 different mice doing slightly different river dance type movement - But I was obviously unable to recover it. Thank you for your reply!




me-a lrish! :3 but it dont make your flash good...but :o

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Mar 11, 2008
5:05 PM EDT
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