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Man Being Hit in Groin

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Author Comments

when me and my brother found that there was no groin hiting on newgrounds I quickly set out to change ths and this is my result! enjoy -by daniel .t not william.t -I give him permission to submit it

comin soon: american man by william.T

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Fox News thing made it all worthwhile

best flash I've seen today, seriously, although it should have been longer.

yeah..agreed with the previous reviewers

this...was bad...there wasn't even a scream! NO i'm not 10! plus the whole circus-ish presentation was kind of a turn off. this was just plain awful...try making a compilation, with tornados and random things, perhaps a guy getting hit in the groin by a flying cow? that'd be a little more funny....but then again...things like that have been done so many times, groin jokes aren't funny anymore. Try cock jokes!

leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

i think the only reason why there werent any ball hitting bits on NG was becasue all it is is ball hitting. its funny, but not original. i agree with past posts, younger kids may find this hilarious, but kids in this age group arent generally on NG, except for the mature pages...try a less simple subject, work on your presentation, and make it longer. Bring some skillz to tha game, son!

billy5235 responds:

want funny do yea!! watch crapi san on youtube


You put this in the 13+ category, yet ony people under 12 are likely to find this funny. Oh and you need to seriously work on the overall presentation of this.


That wasnt even a full intro let alone a video. work on it!

Credits & Info

1.19 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2008
5:47 AM EDT