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Tower to the Moon

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Not a big deal really, although it may require a good computer to play it best.
I hope you like it...

You are building a tower to the moon! Use your mouse to stack pieces in order to get closer to the moon, a curious and different stacking puzzle game for everyone.

Use your mouse to click an drag objects you will obtain along the levels... the objective is to stack these objects to a certain level until you manage to reach a specific limit. You have also to keep the structure stable for at least 5 seconds before you can continue.

You can always reset levels if you lose some pieces or get stuck by pressing the RESET button.

If you finish the 11 levels you will be able to submit your highscore (measured in seconds spent in completing the game) and you will compare to others in the leaderboards.

Well its not absolute complete maybe.. but unfortunately I don't have much time to completely finish it... so I hope you don't get mad by that..

Used the Ape AS Engine for the physics...

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I admit that the idea was pretty interesting, but this didn't appeal to me much. I think it's mostly because I'm not good at it. It's just you stacking things up to a certain point. This shouldn't be hard, but it is. I guess it simply isn't the kind of game for me. I guess the design isn't too bad.

I do kind of like it's layed out. You understand what to do. The music isn't bad either. It's just too difficult for me to enjoy. I can't be that interested in it. Towers are at least cool.


i waited ages for it to count down and when you place the pieces down they move like jelly but i'll give you a five for trying

Nice game!

It's a really original game in the sense that you have certain targets to meet. There were some glitches, though - I put my mouse off the screen while it was ascending and the custom cursor wouldn't follow my mouse again, it stayed a screen below :(

But yeah, great job! Also, thanks for using my songs - my old account is crodian :3

Glitchy-Pixel responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it!

Wow! That's really interesting that I actually used songs from the same artist, only different nickname! Kudos to you I really liked them, I believe they suited well the ambient of the game :).

As for the glitches, yeah I know it's been something pretty hard to me to find that glitch, can't reproduce it, but still I will try to force the mouse placement so that doesn't repeat.

Thanks for your review

great game!

I had an idea to make a game just like this one... But I couldn't make a good enough physics engine. I beat it! got 14th place :( very addicting


idea is gd but there are way to many glitches, such as;
when it scrolls up the spaceship thing does not move unless you move your mouse, but if you go over the screen the space ship stays down, and if you put the m=your cursor back onto the screen the spachip does not go to the cursor, making it impossible to have ur spaceship move around the whol screen. also the blocs sometimes just keep moving and spaz out, even jumpin off the screen again making it impossible to continue. like the idea tho, fix the bugs and ittl get protected