madness reverse

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hello this is my 2nd one so plz dont write *this sucks* or some gay coment. :)

Oh yeah and sorry about the no blood.


I vomited!

Extremely choppy! Awful animation (but don't worry too much, I've seen worse)! Where's the blood?!

could be better

its okay i dont really care about the animation but one thing puzzles me. How does a blade go though a steel mask?

It made me cringe.

Like, literally, while watching it, I couldn't bare the crappiness, and started cringing...
This was HORRIBLE. Not only was the FPS like, 4, but the movements were shitty, and throughout the entire movie, I couldn't even tell what the hell they were doing.
You seriously need to work on physics, and probability, people don't float in the air for 5 minutes, and people don't continue to stand up when a sword has been lodged into their face.

Oh and try to spend more than a couple of hours on your movies, that way, it has a less likely chance of being a disgrace to Madness Combat tributes.


needs more frames per second, and a little short.... jesus's gun with the swaord was awesome, though. so ill give you a 7.

i liked it

i dont know how the score is too low 1.82 this movie must have get alot of time and work and at all she is very good right no have blood but she continue a great movie at all congratulations milktank i like ur animation continue this way bye

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1.85 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2008
11:31 PM EDT
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