DUCK POND (v1.2)

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*** UPDATE ***

1. Music removed and replaced with ambient background track, more sim like!
2. Frame rate slightly increased, gives smoother game play.
3. Score rank system added on Game Over screen.
4. Game time reduced to 190secs.

NB: Take a moment or two to get use to the controls, difficult to master at first but enhances the game play and your score!

Feeding the ducks is the greatest past time in the world...

Take on the role of a sweet but harsh old lady who enjoys feeding the ducks at her local pond.

Feed the friendly brown ducks BREAD to earn points and fend off those evil black ducks with some TNT.

Be careful who you feed and who you blow up, points can be lost as well as gained.

Hit certain point targets to unlock BONUS ducks, feed these ducks to earn BIG points.

Move the old lady LEFT & RIGHT with the keyboard arrow keys.
Mouse click to throw selected items with-in the old lady's visible field of vision.

It's just another day by the pond... ENJOY!

*** If you do play please post a review and tell me what you think, also post your end game score here if you like. If you like "Duck Pond" then keep an eye on my blog as I'll be uploading a downloadable .exe version of the game very soon. ***

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I love when...

.....folks say,..you should have done this,...and you should have done that. This is your game,..and you know what,...its original and well executed. Love the sound fx also

hug a duck... blow up a duck or fish or bull:)

hmm... its cool and i do like it, but i hate the laughing evil duck, kind of annoying.but i do like it don't get me wrong, a lot of fun:)... alsothe base of the game can be used for other things then ducks i think... like urm..fishing or bullfighting, or maybe not...hmm dynamite and fish...haha sounds fun :D


i joined newgrounds just to put a review on this game.
really nice idea! the graphic style fits in well and the sound effects are very fitting to the game, strangely relaxing as well. once i got down throwing whilst moving i started to enjoy it a lot more. a recorded score board would be nice. a really cute game. i give it 5 out of 5!


Not that bad not that good

it could use a little more work

Im always partial to an upgrade system


i got a glitch where if i move the old lady of the screen to the left she keeps going from left to right on the screen and then randomly quites

gavcooper responds:

I can't seem to replicate the glitch when I play, with what I think you're describing.

If you mean she goes off screen one way and comes on the opposite side then that's not a glitch, I meant her to do that - lol

What did you think to the game apart from that?

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3.71 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2008
9:11 PM EDT
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