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Mario Versus Tetris Pt 4

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Mario versus tetris part 4! It isn't perfect but hey, what is? In the opinion of the artist it is indeed a helluva lot better than part 3. No more standing and talking. This is slightly more action packed than ever before!!!


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good job

in comparison to alot of stuff out there you suck, this is much improved from your last one and i've seen them all so far, now i dont know if you know this yet, but i think you have potential to make some great anims and it looks like you like sprites as much as me, so i'm gonna add you to my favorate authors, i like your stuffs kid keep it up.(if you ever feel the need to do a collab with sprites i'm just a Private Message away)

wow so many plot twists

Wow... LOTS of plot twists... frankly I can't keep track lol, why did L-block destroy the fortress?!? I'm really confused. Still good stuff dude.


Way much better. Just some holes in the story but still good.

soraslayer responds:

way much? lol

Hm ^^

Nice ^^
I like Super-Mario-Flashes very much ^^ (don't know why...)
I didn't see the other 3 episodes... so I don't understand the plot ^^ but I think I will watch them ;)
Well done


heh, not too bad, teh script sounded a little bit umm.. Cliche? but, what do i know.

soraslayer responds:

actually yeah, it was cliche. I noticed that while I was making it but eh, so many storylines are used by so many games/movies/books that hardly anything isn't cliche anymore.