Galactic Dodgeball

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This is the second game I've developed, first game I've gotten sponsored. I've implemented a cool gravity engine that simulates how asteroids would react to the mass of the Earth. Only difference... time is about 1000 times faster and there's a lot more asteroids than you'ld ever hope to see coming at Earth. It's a little tough to get the hang of moving asteroids into orbit but the game starts off easy. If you want to see a video of someone reaching the moon level (lvl 50) check out the youtube link below.

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ioaXPnPDObg

P.S. For me, I have the most fun trying to get multiple lock ons at a time. It requires a more subtle approach and gives quite the bonus.

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its alright

im really not a big fan of defense games but this was ok
i gave it a 7 because it had fast gameplay and great graphics


Its boring at first then it gets fun and then feels repetitive. And only 3hit's before u die???

It was nice

Im an addict when it comes to defense game, and this seems to be like one (or could be one).

The engine you developed was great, the way asteroids would be attracted to earths gravity and rotate around it.

I hope there is more to do in game instead of just waiting for asteroids to ram earth.


hmm havent played this game yet lets see if its fun


the game rocked and i look forward 2 seeing more from you on newgrounds, the 1 and only thing i had a problem with but i kinda understand y u put it in there, was the fact u lose population if u move the earth 2 fast, but seing as not only does it add 2 the difficulty but it's very probabl if the earth were 2 randomly move that fast things would probly fall off it lol. so i didnt mark nething off for it keep up the good work, (yes even the people falling off the planit thing was a great idea im just a loser j/k)

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3.59 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2008
12:30 AM EST
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