Chaos Crew: the wait

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edit: hey, it's always bugged me that my audio never comes up right, so I went back through my stuff, found the problem and fixed it, now the song plays crystal clear.

Hey this is my second submission, the first one was a while back, reason I haven't been working as much as I should on flash is just real life crap.

I committed myself to make this thing, half way into the month, before the release of brawl, I did it, yay. so the art and animation I did for it is a minimum since its not to good to start with, but I give it a so so, or ok at the least, though if you have a wild impulse to hit 5 I won't stop you...

so yeah this is my tribute to our wait for Brawl

real quick...

Jet: he's the guy in the blue jacket, he's an all around goof off with a shadow a tribute with minor sparks of intellect, he gets himself killed alot knowing Stingraydude can res him, though with Brawl I doubt Sting will make time for his good budy

Stingraydude: Guy with the green shirt and pointy black hair (will it sting me?) he's smart, way smart, and often gets jet killed, and its painful, really painful, and he has a light attribute

k thats bout it.

just need to point something out, at the credits you'll notice it says Chaos crew: the wait in stead of jetcart, well its cause jet and stingraydude are the chaos crew nothing ever goes right and its never minimal its always worse case senario situations, also I was a bit lazy and forgot to change it... sue me... ok that all



where did tou got that song please tell me

Cartras responds:

I just googled "still alive" looked through a couple links and found it, chances are its not there anymore, but u can try to look it up, should be on itunes to I think...

Brawl is almost here...

Haven't really felt the wait for brawl since I don't own a Wii, but I know a friend of mine is probably going through this. Anyway, great song selection for this flash, I was surprised at how well the song flowed with the concept. All and all, brawl comes out to tomorrow and hopefully people will play till their eyes bleed.


Pretty good, if not an over done idea. It's a nice improvement over your other flash.
I got a laugh or two and it's decently easy on the eyes so yeah, nice.

Could've looked better but meh.

Cartras responds:

Thanks, the reason it was a little choppy was i only had today to fix up the minor details, I set myself to a date and I stayed with it, I'd probably have a couple more flashes out if I stuck with a date, anywho yeah could be better but i wanted it out the day before brawl so that last little gag could have some more relevance. now that i've done this I should hopefully have more flashes out soon

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Mar 8, 2008
8:53 PM EST
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