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Hey Everyone

I only got flash for the first time 2 days ago and started teaching myself...i spent a few hours and put together this game.
Obviously this is my first ever submission and the first game ive ever created so its probably not great!!! but i hope its ok.
Added a loading screen and credits, 2 bonuses to find and 15 levels!!

ive tested it so should all be ok but any bugs please tell me and ill try sort it out asap...ill also add more levels soon too, i was going for 100 levels but i got impatient...as usuall!!!

so enjoy and TRY to have fun >> and if not...well tough cookie!!!

Edit: fixed bug on level 9
Note: After reading all the comments of which most of them was good possative comments, ive decided not to add more levels to this game but to make a new game from scratch with alot more levels, better graphics, new lvl ideas, mute button, etc.


I think...

its awsome its like hard then easy at the same time but notes 2 remeba:
tht one tht was press dis button is ur a losa...other button is hard to find a bit tooo hard i mean i'm not a noob but even a....ermmm wat the word... err anti noob? well lets go wiv dat anti noobs can't even find tht out.still 10/10

loved it

but i found something that doesent seem like a bonus. on the level with the number code if you click all the way in the bottom right it goes to a blank screen. nice game though


i can use the left click on my cursor and press forward to beat this. you get 5/10 2/5 because of it. so easy with it. not hard at all.

it's ok 3/5

it's ok, i thought it was a pretty good idea, next time u make a puzzle game don't make the words a foule i thought that was kinda dumb, and theres a bug or u just forgot 2 put in the go back to level three button in when you had the second question after level three's first question, if u click on the very first green block the arow says go back 2 level 3 but you can't other than that i didn't c 2 many problems good job, youl get better. gl.

kris008 responds:

The words chosen wasnt too foule, it was all part of the humour of the game, thats what its meant to be about.
As for the bug in level 3...well that uses the same concept as the whole game style 'noob' it asks you to click 'here' not the circle.

Anyway im currently in production of a new game..same kindov concept but ive learnt alot from that first game and alot of do's and dont's.
Buttons and interface will be alot more clear graphics 10times better and alot more options, lvls and other cool stuff...taking alot more time over this next one...as for the language, well, im choosing my wording alot more carfully this time it wont be AS offensive but i guess that all depends how easly you take offence to somthing.

Thx for the post.


Really tricky just how I like it well done make another if you have a chance.

kris008 responds:

Ill start making another one soon...should have alot more levels than this one, maybe 100!!!

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2.43 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2008
6:58 PM EST
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