Stick-Worrior Ep.1

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I think I start a little Serie. =p


good ,but some things need working

it was good I just want to know what was the main characters objective. what you could have done overall with your movies is make them longer, a small little thingy with this person walking or a couple I can't remember, it seemed as though he/they weren't walking, but more like they were sliding. at this one part blood was squirting out of the head, I don't think that would work so what could happen the blood could come out of the body. what you could do is give each stick figure person a defining detail, something that makes them an individual. but don't make them stand out more than the main character. I don't remember where it was but it was hard to focus on the main character. at the end there was an empty space where nothing was happening, and than the servant person came up and it seemed as though he just appeared rather than coming on, that could be caused by the gradients. and last thing you could have a different loader for each of you movies, making them unique.

little confunsed...eh

well, usualy when i casualy watch something some sort of story hits me and i follow kinda..watched this and was a bit..like 'eh? what happened?' you know? nothing really grabed me from it, wether it was meant to or not i don't know but if you want to concider a series i recommend you work on it. Was it a trailer? i mean..no it can't be it says episode..eh i'm just confused..maybe i need to watch it again but to be honest i think i saw enough.

The music cut out abruptly mid flow before the end, eh not a big deal but it sort of made the end to be taken less seriously, i was really losing interest and i didn't really understand what you were getting at, if anything. Your movie began to lag, this is because you really are overusing gradients, gradient useage will really drag down your movie..so try to avoid using so many.

Jazz it up a little, gradienting is great but detail it more, it was short but there was no real technique in revealing detail or lustrious backgrounds or visuals, you need to work on that, though i thought the rooming out into space was pretty cool so points for that.

The little speech you had in there, was sort of cheesy, but this is me personaly speaking that, i really don't like how people overuse the same sort of corny references, and there was no like..architectural background or setting to make it seem as though it was a time of ol' english or so forth.

But it's sticks? what am i to expect, theres action stick movies(glue), theres really cool storylined stick movies (castle series) if you want yours to be another dull, stupid series people take a glimps and say oh no sticks, don't take my advice, if you want the oposite i suggest you let setting, backgrounds, drama speak for what little creativity and detail the sticks represent.

hope it helps, good luck

cool man

loved the music and the animation

didn't so much like the ending, a bit random

hope to see the next ep soon :D

i liked it

decent animation and the begginings of a great storyline. i like it 3/4 7/10 good job

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First of all, work on your english a little bit. Anyway, the animation was really good. I think you probably could do a lot better than stick figures for this. I figured all of those enemies in the beginning were zombies, but I eally couldn't be sure.

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Mar 8, 2008
5:32 PM EST
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