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SSUgh: Albino & Teh Camul

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This flash is about a little clock known as AlbinoClock. He worships camels. But are camels as great as they seem? Find out by watching this flash.

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oh my god i love you

2 years late but hey <3

Very funny

Not only did that look like a clock movie, that felt like a clock movie.

I want to buy a camel and I want to pet it!

Because the title of the review references another Clock movie, that automatically makes it funny.

Actually had some effort

This flash actually had some time put into it and it was nice to watch, Hopefully the stat whores don't blam it, i'll give it a 4 :D


The fact that this was a legitimate film made it so much more fun to watch. Very well done, very fitting of the theme. This is top camel material here!