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Author Comments

A,S,D,F: Movement
Mouse: Aim, Fire and Menu Navigation
R: Reload

'Brainz!' is a fast-paced, top-down zombie shooter. The game features varying zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses; money rewarded for each zombie put down can be used between rounds to purchase life and weapons.

'Brainz!' features:
21 Weapons
20 Levels
Multiple zombie types

I hope you enjoy the game.

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the title screen zombie is so handsome XD

Pretty basic stuff

Zombie shooting games will simply never get old and here is some great proof for it! Anyway, the thing I liked most about this was the designs of the zombies. They just looked so silly when their tall looking bodies just flopped to the ground. I guess that might sound morbid, but what else can you say in a zombie game? Its main flaw was that it did get repetitive with how you were just shooting the same zombies over and over. There could have also been some more detail on the environment.

This is still an all-around decent game. The music was nice and it did a fairly nice job of creating a scary tone, which is always good for a zombie game. The powerups and such are pretty standard. While not the most imaginative, it still has most of what you would want from a zombie game. There's a lot of space to move around and form strategy, too.


i give is a 9/10 because there is no pause button

one word


great potential, lot of flaws

I like this game, but it could be much better with small changes. Altrough I didn't read all the reviews I'm sure that some of the things I'll write here has been told by others too. And so, shame on you for not updating your game, and leaving in a somewhat beta state!
The most annoying thing in this game is that the continue doesn't work! It puts me to the level 2 without mony and weapons. And that's super frustrating when you get killed on a late level. Last time I got killed on the last level!
The other thing is that the weapons lack of porper description. It's good that you write some text under them, but I need numbers to know if I should buy that gun or not. I mean knowing the reload time is a must, and also the clip size and damage would be nice to know.
My third problem is the money: there is too few in the game to experiment with weapons. It's only enough to buy about 3 or 4 weapons that are essential to win. It would be much better if one could try at least 2/3 of the weapons avelible. But like this a wrong buy means game over! Also the medikits cost too much, actually it's so expensive that one should buy it only in the last resort or else he'll not be able to afford for the gun he needs.

Finally, here is a gude for those who can't beat this:
The most important here is to always buy the correct weapon, otherwise you are screwed.
The 1st gun you should buy is the Uzi. It's the cheapest automatic weapon, but it's very good, and you'll get the money needed to buy it just when you need it. (after the 3rd round) It doesn't have a fast rate of fire nor a big damage, but has a big clip, and an ok reload time.
Don't buy any cheaper pistols, they suck.
Also don't buy the Mp5, it has a small clip and takes long to reload.
The laser weapons will not make you happy, becous compared to their clip size their reload is way too slow.
Also forget the assoult rifles, they don't have much better damage than the Uzi, but take much mor time to reload.
Also forget the shotguns, they have the longest reload time.
The uzi will be good for many rounds, just make sure you shoot the fastes zombies 1st, and make the rest moving in one group, so they can't surround you.
The next weapon you should buy is the blaster. It has a very good damage and a big clip, and reloading it is just slightly slower than the Uzi. Shoot small bursts with it, becous 2 shots are mostly enough to kill an averege zombie. Remember to shoot the fast and the spitter zombies 1st, and leave the Big Mommas last becouse they can be easily outrunned.
If you can't avoid taking damage, buy the vampire. It's bad as a main weapon, as it has small damage and clip, and long relaod, but it's much cheaper to use than the medikit.
The game has 30 rounds in total, and the 30th is HARD. So make sure you can buy one of the most expensive weapons at least after the 29th round!

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2008
3:27 PM EST