Syndacite Chapter 2

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Author Comments

NOTE: Syndacite -Is the name of a high powered ship. Run by the goverment (This is not a spelling error)

Last Time:
Marlean Jackmen was attacked by the Chrusades. She managed to whipe them out and ran into her old teacher. But was tazered by and unknown army. Find out what happend.

The Story Continues

Well now Chapter 2 out and clear. Some may remember this being up the other day. It was a trial to see if there was anything that needed to be changed before The final release. I'd like to thank the Cast and Crew for their great help. Also My friends and My dear Nancy for helping me finish this.

I know this chapter is slow. But forgive me. I didn't want to make the entire series slow. So I got rid of the boring parts in this one. Theres not much for me to say really. other than sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

Flash Features:
-Tour The Syndacite Ship (Opens in a new window)
-Art Gallary
-Directors Blog
-Conquer Online

Running time: Approx 13 minutes

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I liked it. It's a nice animation, not as much action as the first episode, which I know was the intent (story rather mindless epicness). It seems that a lot of people were bagging on that, but I (as a novice writer) realize that story is key to a good series.
Kind of sad that the series was canceled, I really would have liked to see a full series out of this, but it's the director's choice and I respect it.

Not bad

The story was kind of dull
I'm not generally a fan of this style of animation, but you did do a very good job with it
Chapter 1 was better.
I believe the length was a factor


Not as great as the first one but it was better then anything I could write or animate.
Nice 3D effect's.
more characters.
Longer episode.
detailed backgrounds.
Voice acting.

I could see some corners were cut with the animation
The detail from the sides were a wee bit bad.
Some of the lines weren't delivered well. too speedy or too slow.
The pace was kinda slow at times.

Well done!

I was excited when I got an e-mail from Newgrounds (besides the daily top-5) saying that there was a new submission from one of my favourite authors - and that happened to be you.
I admire your work, nightbird. I can't remember if I wrote a review to the first Syndacite chapter, but that one was visually a stunning piece of art too - just like this one.

I recognized you changed a bit of style in this 2nd chapter. As I don't mind it not being 100% frame-by-frame, as long as there is a change of the point of views and backgrounds. You did that - you could work on the backgrounds a little though.

You did use f-b-f in some of the scenes, which was great. This was a long piece of work, so I understand if you had to cut down on some of the high-quality details. It was alright - you have some huge skills, and I'm sure the next episode will be even better visually than this one. (The ship was well made by the way!)

One thing I was noticing was how great you are to draw different "sides" of the head and body. In one of the scenes on the Syndacite ship, where the girl is lying down, you have a POV looking up from beneath her head - that was great drawn.
There is one particular side though that I don't like, and that is when you draw the girl from the side. She just has too big a nose in my opinion. You could work on that POV to match the anatomy.

The voices could be tweaked a bit. In many of the lines, you can hear the "click" from the mouse - use Audacity for instance to delete the clicks. Otherwise, overall it was good performed - there were however some of the lines that could use some improvement. As you practice voiceacting you'll automatically improve, so keep practicing!

Other than that, keep it up and thanks for this animation!

-Vreal Studios.

Wheres the fbf?

What i liked about the first episode was that there was decent fbf and when they talked, there was more effort in their body language, but in this one, there was none. When i first saw the score, i was like, it should be higher. Then I watched the whole thing.

There were two or three moments where the characters actually moved as they talked, but the rest, it seemed like you were trying to cut corners.

They talked with stiff necks like robots. And I in the beginning, I saw the back of the villains heads more than the front, which meant you really were trying to avoid lipsync. And I understand, its 13 minutes, but there was barely any movement to make it even more entertaining. The biggerst problem with the talking was when they go into the room with the crew. And there is this guy talking, but you just see the top half of his face move up and down. I was like, "come on studio nightbird, you can do better".

I will say this though, it is very long, and it should be shorter, but you indeed take the time out of your months to make this flash. I would probably get lazy halfway through.
What i like is your attention to the background detail. The backgrounds were always fun to look at, and i sometimes would just stare at the backdrops behind the characters who were talking. I like how you use 3d programing in flash, that's what makes me see that you did indeed try, but got lazy in the animation side.

So thats my critique. I like where the story is going and I hope you do try a bit harder when it comes to animation in conversations. I really would like to see just a decent amount of fbf. It doesnt have to be glorious, but just there to keep me interested.

I enjoyed the extras as well. Keep em' coming

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2.95 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2008
2:23 AM EST