Stick figth 2

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This is a movie I made a while ago, things were kind of different back then and it was way easier for movies to pass. It basically means this animation is definitely overated and wouldn't pass if I resubmitted it today. Have fun lowering the score.

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not bad but not good either but not bad all the less. I still cant figure out flash even though i went through the totorals, so this isnt bad to me.

Myst responds:

Thanks for the review. As for your troubles with flash, the best way to get good at it is simply to practice ! It's a pretty powerful tool, but as they usually do, it requires a fair amount of work to figure it all out ! My suggestion is to start with small experimental projects, like trying to reproduce some tutorials you've seen. Once you get the trick, try something harder, until you feel you could try making your own stuff.

Good luck :)


No one will ever beat the Xiao Xiao Series.... i'm afriad this was a bit tooooo... cheesy and amature

Myst responds:

No kidding ...

good movie...

i think i give you 8 stars. and i vote 5. i like movies like this.

Myst responds:

I never really understood how people comes to do that, but thanks anyway :P


they both wernt the best but 1st 1 better

Myst responds:

By the time, I liked that one much better ... 'cause it has sound and effects. But between two bad movies, I guess it's better off having a completely crappy one.

it's ok

decent, but your first one was better

Myst responds:

A lot of people told me that. Personnaly I hate both, but back then I liked the second one better as it shown a "little" more flash skill. But I guess between two very crappy animation, it doesn't count for much.

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2.64 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2002
9:58 PM EST