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Climate Revenge

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Update: Fixed the bug where nothing happened if you failed a level.

Note: Please make sure you have flash player 9 installed or the game won't load properly.

You play as a storm and go from city to city destroying everything that stands in your way. Pick up rain to get bigger or wind to get stronger and unleash hell on the world. Don't let those pathetic humans escape you!

Actionscript by : Pier-Jean Lizotte (cumSum)
Art by : Eduardo Mojica (cicla)

Sponsored by RustyArcade.com

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ditto, s'okay, just needs some polish. The music is good : )

needs work

it's not bad but it needs work. several of the missions require a certain amount of destruction but you can't do enough destruction because the time limit is too short or the wind and water sources are too far apart

good idea boring game play

first off having a strong storm is almost imposable with the rain and wind source by the time u tank up enough wind u have to head for rain and then by the time u have the rain tanked yur almost out wind u see a pattern game play is just no fun. :( I like the idea but u gotta revamp the game or ditch it. sorry.


so damn hard! how can i destroy the humans if my energy central is too away from them!!! -.- i can't get them... in fact is good but need more stuff man! make a secuel but make sure that in that secuel has some good stuff better graphs and MORE of all


I thought it was an allrigt game not good but not bad