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Filtered Reality

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Wow, I can't believe how many people have responded. Seriously, thank you guys so much. I've heard some really good possibilities from alot of people, in reviews, comments to my journal topic and even through pms. I'm still reading through alot of them, and in case I can't reply to yours in particular, thanks for helping, and know that I AM reading all reviews! :)

And front page?!? Really!? Cool!

I made this flash, not so much as a testament to my flash making ability, but to put into a common language a strange dream I had recently. I guess it's not to overly special, it's just that I normally dream the normal things, namely, tits and violence. This one seemed strangely symbolic. Also weird, because I don't understand the symbles. Anyway, I thought mabey someone could watch this presentation of my dream, and mabey lend a little insight, hell, even an opinion would be fine. You can pm me or leave your idea in a review. Either way, if you have somewhat of an idea of some kind of messege that could be tied in with this, please let me know, and enjoy the movie.


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Although I'm not that good at interpreting dreams I do have to say that it's both weird and ominous in a way. Great job animating it for us to see it.

theory. I don't know you. So it's hard

The trees could represent humanity, There are alot of fake people. As you stated they were cardboard. You feel as if you aren't a follower. Rather you are a leader. You may feel as if you are on a stage and other's watch you as you watch yourself. You may be running to stay on your path. To stay yourself, different. The pain in your sides may be to represent that you are only human. You feel closed in as you run. The further you get away from the bullshit the closer you get to more. You may feel the need to continue running in order to stay the same. To stay a leader. You find sanctuary somewhere that is unfamiliar. You may like to travel? The totem may symbolize your home. Perhaps a friend? Someone you can completely be yourself with. The building missing a front-wall may symbolize you are looking at someone or something and taking them for more then just face value. You peer into the building and only see fires. Fires can mean chaos. But they always mean destruction of some kind. Your chill that brought you to, seemed to be before you fully got to examine the inside of the building. Perhaps you have yet to meet someone you can 100% be yourself around and you long for that comfort. Perhaps you know someone that you think you can find peace with. In more ways then one. And they seem unattainable. (which could have to do with the running through all the people in the "faceless crowd") Or you'd have to go to great lengths to stand out. The cliff could symbolize they are different. The "faceless house" stand on the cliff. Perhaps they feel above the rest. The reason the house isn't a faceless tree is because you made it important. I am not sure what the rain symbolizes. Perhaps a feeling of revitalization within you. To keep going. Or to become clean. Or the rain could be to make you give up and you don't wish to. One of the two, more then likely. To sum this dream up in 2 or 3 sentences is impossible. You woke up before you got to "meet" the unattainable but before you got to "look inside them".

Tell me if you think I'm onto something. If you can relate.
I've begun looking into my dreams for meaning when I was about 12. I'm now 20 one I had of a cliff with my friends sticks in my mind to this day. Fire almost like a lava was running down this cliff. I told my friends to follow me as I climbed. The didn't want to but with more nagging they began to climb with me. There was an uneasy feeling when we were on the ground. The higher we climbed the less pressure it felt there was to climb. A few weeks later there was a birthday party. Someone brought some substances that. Just fuck your life up. (drugs) (I mean HARD shit) not like pot or pills. I stayed my course so they wouldn't break into that shit and fuck themselves up. They all had bright futures. 6 or so years later there in college and drug free.

But I to have dreams often with meaning... I like to pick at them.
So did I pick your brain enough?


Thats pretty deep


man created language to express his self observations of the world. It was not enough so he created music, art and other means of communication. This struggle for pure communication of understanding will always be a road we will travel down forever. The communication of pure creativity, that is the creativity of mind, dreams and what not, is one that will probably never be possible to describe. The complication of a particular imagination is so that all the powers of transversing an idea from one individual to another is almost impossible without a life time of supporting ideas. You will be the only one who can fully understand the dream given all the details which are not only represented in sensory perception. Much more of your sentience reaching past and far beyond your sensory understanding or represented stories about the tailored imagination for maybe an important lesson. No matter the description for the creativity in the mind such as the one you experiance, the idea cannot be fully expressed.

great story telling using flash. i enjoyed


i have been thinking of this off and on... and i will just say what comes to me... and please forgive any misspellings i have in this letter...

i see that the running might be that you are trying to run away from it all, your might be scared of something, or that you are trying to support a famly and that it is a never ending hell hole... if you have a famly, or some other big thing.

i fell as if the road is of life itself, and that you are treading on it, hopeing that it keeps you safe enough to get where you need to be.

the trees to eather side might be fear, responseability, lust, anger, anything you want it to be, but i think it is something bad...

i think that the nets are something that you are trying to overcome, it is very hard to try and overcome it, but you have to keep going, if you let it tast your fear, all hell will break loose, you know somewhat of where to go, and so you go there hopeing for safty or a meaning to all of it.

the house in its mangeld form is safty... but not compleatly, and that the totem pole helps the house... without both, there is no safty, and there is only nets!

the strange vew of what you are might mean that you are trying to find yourself, you are tryting to find a meaning to your whole life, and that you are looking at yourself in diffrent ways.

the falling into the black part... i dunno what to make of it... but i think it has something to do with being at a loss to find what you where looking for, and that may be why you made this flash, maby you need to fill the void.

i think that the whole rode is of life itself, and that you must overcome something, i think you also need to start looking also outside of the dream if you have not done so already, see what is there that you may need to overcome, sutch as smokeing, hardships, relations, etc etc etc.

i also think that the soft red sky might also mean that all around you there is bad... but it seems so... good... and you must overcome that.

anyway... i hope this helps you in someway, i will try and add more messages if i can... and if i can think of anymore stuff... good luck, and deep thinking!