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Dodge the on-coming enemies and aim for a hi-score.

Second version of my second game, review please and only constructive criticism, thanks.


P.s Music by me.


Updated a little =].

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This one is way better. The first one I gave a 9 but I like the changing shapes. This is definetly more original.

DjZombAid responds:

Thanks ^^. Wow how'd you even find this game? =P But thanks for your reviews, i appreciate it =D.


Cool Game

I really enjoyed this game. I think it was clever and just great fun to try and get a high score. I'm actually addicted to this game. Good job!


DjZombAid responds:

Thaaaaaaaanks ^_^
It's not great or anything but i'm glad you're gettin something out of it =]
And thanks for the 10 ;D



This might just be my experience with the game, as I think that it would put the point bubble things in randomely or something like that, but I found that a few or most of them were right next to the lines, which therefore meant I was playing for 10 minutes but getting scarce amounts of points..
(30 when I got bored)
I understand why you chose that music, but an optional choice of music would be ideal for me.
Plus I didn't actually see the point in the blocks that changed your shape. Most of the time it changed to what I already was.. So it didn't change..
Anyway, it was still good, so I'm not going too low.
(I liked the idea, and can see effort, but I'm comparing to all other helicopter games that have been out there and there's been a lot.. You were unique with the tetris shape, pacman, paddles etc.. but still very similar to most)

DjZombAid responds:

Okay well yer i have had problems with that.. but i'm still kinda new at this AS game so it has been fairly hard for me =[. Again with the music.. i had some complications so i just left 1 song in.. i tried a few techniques with the music so it doesn't annoy people as much.
Well thanks =D i was hoping for the originality score which isn't too easy with an over-done game. And the sorta inside joke for me is i included characters that have been over-used. And to top it off i used one of the most over-done game songs in the AP. It all kinda just flowed together =P. So this was pretty much a bag full of 'over-done'ness lol. Okay i'll shutup.

Thanks for your review =DD



it was ok, got a bit boring after a while though, but it flowed nicely so a thumbs up from me ; )

DjZombAid responds:

It wasn't meant to be a long-time game just a small fun game to play for a while =].



Verry good

I played for a bit and ifound it good
nice graphics nice controls and entertaining

DjZombAid responds:

Thanks =] i appreciate it ^^.


Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2008
11:29 AM EST