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An old mouse maze game, with a few twists. This is an old product of mine and was not going to continue it, so I added an ending and submitted it. I promise better stuff in the future, just enjoy this as it is.

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Boring mouse avoider game

The environments are extremely plain and the mouse is too sensitive. It also seems strange that some aspects of this game are so similar to mine, including the music choice and lvl 3 in which the water drains upward (check out level three on my mouse avoider game). Also, the last level is a sky level, which just happens to be my last level too. Since you obviously borrowed some ideas from my flash, you should have given credit to me somewhere.

good game but use these if you want.

mouse control is good but you should.....
-make longer levels
-mouse is to sensitive
-add something catchy like flashing dot(your little dude controlled by the mouse)
or as your going through the maze bullets come out of the wall
-maybe little secret upgrades that are hard to find or get to example:shield,auto pilot,or better control
-more levels
-good addin for level zig zag like /
-and last on each space thing were you enter course(were the star is in the middle of the screen)you should put maybe four or five stars sry if its harder but it will be a good game :]
but its a good game plzz post back if this is helpful to you( p.s. its me matt's brother.)


Very cool mouse maze game!
the bad
The levels were difficult in the beggining and easier in the end!
Only 5 levels

the good
Fluid gameplay
challenging levels

Can I get my hands on that engine? Thanx in advance


I love this game. It makes the mouse games more fun, and makes it more hard. But the only problem was, when you skipped a level, it went from 5, back to 2, not 1. But I am not sure if that was on purpose. Other than that, it was great.

azwsxdcrfv responds:

Yeah, that's a glitch.

great game

it was good. u r getting this alot but the mouse was to sensetive. It should start out not that sensitive in the early levels and get more the later levels. good game!

azwsxdcrfv responds:

One of the most helpful tips i've gotten so far.

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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2008
7:48 PM EST
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