Marijuana Vs Alcohol

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this is something i made to promote marijuana legalization and awareness
I had a hangover when i made this btw. thats what influenced me to make it lol


This Film is so truee.!

Youu shouldd sendd this film to the fuckkingg govermentt mann.!
This is the fuckkingg shitnizzelss.!

long live holland

well... holland has a lot of problem. goverment, police, tax system, a rubbis school sytem well thats it but weed isnt one.
there are police posted near cofeeshops for illigal drugs dealing=(underaged/no permit) so police stil have there lazy job.
i dont smoke smoke weed anymore.
but it made me proude of being dutch.
still does.



Wow,..looking at some of the responses....

.....it's no wonder folks have an easier time drinking and driving then buying a bag of pot. You know what it is dude,..and it's very simple. If weed was made legal hundreds of thousands of law officers would not be needed. Government agencies would close down. All these people that are advertising this bs on the air are people protecting their livelyhoods. Without it being legal,..they have a moneymaking life. FDA,TNT(NY) etc and etc. They are arresting people who go out and bust their ass,..come home from work,..and decide to use a nice mellow drug( Unlike alcohol,coke,crach,heroin and all that other crap people are doing)instead of going out to a bar,..drinking a killing millions of people.
I challenge anyone to tell me with a straight face that weed caused the death of their child or whatever. Wathched emergency people peel my fathers face off a windshield. He had been drinking and driving for 48 years already. When he got out of the Hosp. He went straight to a bar. Over 70 percent of law enforcement drink alcohol,..yet weed is illegal.
I don't know bro,..seriously,..I think as weed users,...we are doomed. Loved this flash. Be good.

I'm no med student,

But i happen to have a lot of first hand experience with both. Although I no longer smoke weed, I can still tell you which points were valid and which were not:

1)- Weed does not make sex better, it makes you lethargic, and as such you (both) don't get much done at all.

2)- You can not smoke as much, as fast as you want. Because you get a large dose of thc in your system, which starts to work after approximately 5 to 15 minutes, you'll just pass out after that time if you don't keep it at just one or two cigs. (had that twice :P)

3)- There are indeed a lot of studies dedicated to proving that thc has a positive effect on certain illnesses. And here in holland you can get medicinal weed through a perscription, to combat the pain of arthritis.

4)- Yeah, weed can give you a nice buzz for 3 hours, but don't forget the annoyance of the munchies, or a dry mouth for 3 hours aswell.

So do more research, this didn't add up.
And please try to make your next flash a lot better, with a preloader and (more) original artwork and you'll be well on your way.

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jsuprems1 responds:

it varies with who does it. for me, it makes sex 30 times better. but for my friend that smokes, he also says it didnt make it better for him. if your annoyed about munchies, eat something healthy. at least weed fights anorexia, lol. And you might pass out, rarley. I never have.. but atleast it doesnt follow with chronic vomiting and liver poisoning.

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Mar 3, 2008
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