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A funny about the "play artist" commercials. Includes darth vader. Wtch and enjoy. :)

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I'm afraid I don't think it was very good. The idea was in the right place, but the graphics and audio were less than.
If you continue in flash, try making several test flashes in different styles to see what you are good at. Good luck in your flash future.

egg82 responds:

egg82 says: audio was bad. I will admit that, but my friends drawing was better than what I could do. Oh, and look for the artist egg82 to see my other flashes. I'm not really in to making movies.

ovalisc says: sweet this is good stuff and the guy i worcked with was sorta cough covering the word: crazy

egg82 responds: I hate you....
ovalisc reresponds: if you werent sitting rite next to me id egg youre house =p

fire ur voice actor

the art can be considered a style, with its wide spread use and all, but the voice acting was the worst! fire that dude and get a friend who words at a fast food drive through to help you record.

egg82 responds:

egg82 says: I am the vice actor...

ovalisc says: you have a good idea and if i wasnt sitting next to him id totaly fire him

egg82 responds: You seem to be forgetting...I hired YOU.

ovalisc responds: ya and i FIRED you


umm all I have to say is Deep Purple= god

egg82 responds:

egg82 says: Thanks. I also noticed vader has only one leg. Oops. I'm going to have to get my artist for that.

ovalisc says: ...................................o.


one thing about Flash Animation is that you have to have a good song involved..Deep Purple, always a classic no matter when or where...thats the ticket and Vader is too, animation was okay but more movement would have been better, it was too short too..anywho..5/5 for using Smoke on the water....8/10 overall for a great job.

egg82 responds:

egg82 says: I agree. More animation. I will get my artist for that. Also, if you haven't noticed already, luke is on the phone. I also tried to get it so the credits rolled in when the drum came in to the song. But of course I forgot that there is lag when it is put into a server.

ovalisc says: oh yea criticism from a nerd what better feeling do you get then that
oh and i will fire the "actor" that did the voice over.

egg82 responds: again...I hired YOU.
ovalisc responds: again...... your fired i get paid muahahahahahaha*cough cough* *kiel over* die*

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Mar 2, 2008
8:49 PM EST
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