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Walking Cycle Tutorial

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after 2 weeks of hard work, i finally got this done.

this is my walking cycle tutorial.

its the first tutorial i've ever made, but i think i did a good job on it.
Im aware this isnt perfect, but this is my method of doing it. I just hope i helped some people.
Its quite a big tutorial, so if you dont have a lot of time, i wouldnt recommend viewing it.

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This like REALLY REALLY helped me with the walking cycles to make it smooth. Great tutorial man. THanks SOO MUCH

StillBeatingPictures responds:

thanks, one of these days im going to make a tutorial on running cycles.

Good for newbies

Very nice and well presented, you're good at teaching! The sounds are funny, why don't try the other walking cycles: Front view, Back view, Corner view, I know a lot of people will learn more on the walking cycles with an all directional walking tutorial. Still, this one is a good start! Keep it up! 9/10 5/5!

StillBeatingPictures responds:

wow, thank you.
originally when i was planning out the tutorial i WAS going to add a front angle, but the tutorial would end up HUGE. though somewhere down the line i might make another one with different angles.
thanks again, best of luck to you and your future animations!

Nice Tut

I thought it was great.

There are lots of walking tutorials on NG and I found this one very clear to understand - i liked the help boxes too!

As for EvilTwin , maybe he chould learn to read, after all, which part of 'Walking Cycle TUTORIAL' doesnt he understand?

StillBeatingPictures responds:

thanks. Im glad someone mentioned those help things. im glad you like it.
and yeah, tutorial IS in the title, you think people would usually pick up on that. best of luck to you and your future animations!


It's very informative and it is really easy to watch.
i think i can do it a little bit better now

StillBeatingPictures responds:

awesome, im glad you learnt something!
good luck with your animations!


Great layout, navigation and presentation. Was pretty easy to follow.

Just a few suggestions on your walk cycles.
See if you can sorta make them a little more fluent/smooth. I pretty much use the same technique, yet those cycles seemed to always snap around in the loop, if ya get me :/
I think it's because you didn't use that many keyframes for the cycle. Usually you require a lot more frames since walking is a slow movement. Yours sorta seemed like a power walk.
Also, with the arms, I find that they naturally tend to swing with the opposite leg.

But yeah anyway, it was pretty good for a basic walk cycle and seemed like a great tutorial for beginner animators. You have the technique down pat, just need a little better execution. Practice makes perfect :P
Keep it up man.

StillBeatingPictures responds:

yeah, it could probably work better with more frames in the cycle, but then again if you throw a 30 frame cycle at someone, it can be intimidating =D

thanks for your review!