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Is that it!?

All that happened was a symbol came towards the screen and two lines came across, one from the left going to the right and one from the right going to the left, then a short sound clip played, then symbol stopped and a date appeared underneath it, that was all it was, there was just no point to it whatsoever. You should have at least had a short movie or something after that as this just seemed to be an intro with nothing else after it.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Heh, I like Aphex too

I know you probably made this for a solitary buzz. I give you a decent review cos i like your taste in music, but the video is actually rubbish. I was hoping you made a video to 5/4 cymru beats until i saw the file size. A terrible thing. Please make a vid in the style of go plastic or something by squarepusher, in the meantime i'm gonna have to give you a crap score.

why is this still here and what is afx

its not that i dont like t im just confused.

I would have to agree with Hummy64.

If you are going to make a flash movie, don't you think it should be a movie and not just some letter? Thats just what I think.. call me crazy!!

Very Dumb

It's just 1 letter and then these 2 lines cross it. I's very very very very horrible stupid. Don't watch this. This is not worth the .1 second download.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2000
11:22 PM EDT