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please dont get offendid by this.
i dont mean to insult anyone
please whatch the whole thing and dont vote on the animation(cus there is none)
but please do vote on if you agree with me or not
and if you dont understand please dont vote at all

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long paragraphs so confusing


Well, what is the meaning of this life?

Why are we here on earth?

What is the point of life if we just die, secreted back into the soil as carbon?

The truth is, LIFES A TEST.

God gave us life, he gave us morals, he gave us our families. What would the point of love in your mind and soul if it's not eternal.

You can't just switch things off.

There is an after life, otherwise whats the point of life?

Yes, the tender love of God is one lesson but there are others. Jesus also gave us a key to understanding grace when he said to the good thief; "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise."

SheepVpower responds:

i am sorry for not realy responding to your review.but i would like to thank you for the 10/10 but i dont think i should discus someone believes.
but i do want to ask you one thing.
you sad that there's a point in life becouse there's an aftherlife(paradise)
would you keep on living IF you knew that there was no aftherlife?
would you find reason in this life and this world?

please send your reply in a PM. and pls say if its ok that i put it in my response under your name.

ps: glad you enjoyed it

At 3/15/08 6:26 PM, Bennyboy2008 wrote: Well good question.

Let us begin, well if there was no afterlife this life would not exist. It's like good and bad. Good can not exist without badness. It's like this in the after world.

However i understand where you are comign from, i don't think we are here just to die and never live on. It seems impossible.

It is a very difficult question to answer. I tried my best. But still would you kill ur self if u somehow fouund out there wasn't an after life? Nope, you'd enjoy it to the max.

However, i strongly disgree, our life has a meaning!

sheepvpower wrote:

i never sad our life dosnt have a meaning you mad it sound like your reason for living is to get into this paradice... (you sad: there is an afther life, what else is the point of living?)
what i did ask was if it would be ok to post your repons/PM other your name in my repons under your review. and what seems imposible can happen.. human kind proved this many times.
and i must say thatits pretty arrogant to say that only humans can life on when they die, wy are we so great that we can go to paradice and not animals who follow the laws given to them by nature. and keeping evrything in balance while we humans destroy and inballance everything we touch> the things, acourding to your believes god made.
and the only reason good cannot exist whithout bad is becouse people cant see good without knowing bad. good is nothing more than a word made up by people. you can say god is good.. but what does it mean... we life good becouse we follow god.. god is good.. hmmz. what does good mean then? following? doing things someone wrote down 2000 years ago? i would say a good deed is something that would benifit all people not only your the ones close to you not only the ones with the same believes. i dont think you should give up on your believes no one should.. but i do think people should do things in such a way it wil benifit all humans animals nature.. everything(acourding to you:the things god made) not living by something that someone rote down a long time ago that is twisted trough the years and changed trough word to word. what you can read today in the bible koran or any other religan book is problebly so changed over time it dosnt even resemble to what it met all those years ago.. the reason it changed can be discused.. i wont do that. but i do think it could change more.. in such a way everything would work toghter and that people wouldnt need to hope/believe that they would go to a paradice when the die. but that the world that we now live in would turn into a paradice.. BTW i think that is what is ment by, follow me(jezus) do the things that are told to you by your religon and you will come in a paradice. I think that they tried to guide people in not going to a paradice when they die. but making the world they live in to be a paradice...

thats why i sad that over time the words are changed and dont have there original meaning..
people should work together dispite there difences... whatch the remake all the way to the end. i hope you understand some of what i am trieing to tell you... becouse i sure dont.. i drank waaaaay to much... just had a party:)
ooh well... have a nice day
talk to later. and is it okay that i post your first PM in my respons to your review?

greatings sheepvpower aka hylie.

well you bloked me(bennyboy2008) so i thought i would just put my attempt to repond to your PM here. i wil probebly edit this when i am sober and all.

sorry your repons to this dosnt fitin here anymore no charthe

Pascal's Wager

Okay, Nomader made a slight mistake about Pascal's Wager. Pascal actually says that the prudent choice is to believe in God, because if there is a god, you have all to gain. If there is no God, you have nothing to lose. However, if you don't believe in God, and there is one, you have Hell to face, but if there is not one, there is again nothing to lose. So believing in a god is either beneficial or no difference, while not believing in a god destructive or no difference, which is why he says believing in a god is the best choice.

As to your flash, i think you repeated yourself a little too often... Kinda like this review of mine, sorry. Some sort of background would have been nice, and wouldn't have taken away from the impact of the flash. And as someone already said, this isn't quite the typical Newgrounds idology. Most of the people on here are teenaged/pre-teen boys who like to see people get blown up or shot, so don't worry if you get a lot of complaints.

SheepVpower responds:

first off. i dont believe you should make a choise about your believes on the down and the up side's. becouse if you do can you treuly say you believe in god, or just hope to benifit from him/her. alot of people say:'follow god he wil bring happines'(or somethings like that)
the happines part i do like but i would like to follow someone who brings me the thruth in my own point of view. and i wont believe someone for just saying something. i am willing to let someone speak and bring prove, a feeling, or believe. but if i dont believe or have a good feeling about it or find an error in his prove i wil not follow her/him

and i know about the newgrounders. but why not try?
and for the flash i spend 5 min on it.
Albert Einstein ones wrote a letter to someone. a verry long letter with a whole lot of things he wanted to say he repeated himself to and he just wrote down his thoughts. and at the bottem the was a ps, it sad ps: sorry for the long letter i didnt had the time to make a short one(something like that)

An interesting lecture -- an un-interesting flash.

Well, I must say, you brought up some interesting philosophical points, but the flash itself was rather bland and ugly... because it felt more like a PowerPoint.

This is a flash website -- I know that you asked us not to vote based off of that, so I didn't. I voted (not reviewed) based off the message.

The problem with the message, because all of our beliefs are based off other people's.

Even loners believe because they go against what the norm is. I don't see how that makes people arrogant to the world around us -- people can never know what they believe is true, but they have to believe something -- they think over all the possibilities, and the best of us try to make an educated decision.

If you really want reasons why I would believe in God (one of the things brought up in the lecture -- I'm using this as an example):
Pascal's Wager: If God does exist, and I believe in him, I get eternal life and happiness. If God exists and I don't, I get eternal damnation. If he doesn't exist, and I either do or don't worship God, it doesn't really matter either way. Therefore, there is more to lose in believing in God than not doing so.

The main problem with your point, is that you believe people are arrogant -- for the most part, this is true, but you interpret the meaning of arrogant incorrectly. Arrogance is not seeing any of the options, and sticking with one that is wholly incorrect. But with all the options out there, one option is bound to be somewhat correct, therefore rendering the idea of arrogance for all nullified -- though, I suppose we could all be wrong. :D

Overall though, as a flash, this was terrible. It's easier to make PowerPoints that look better (no offense meant -- I know the point was the message), and the music, though pleasant, was meant to add to blank backgrounds which don't really work.

Very philosophical though. :P

SheepVpower responds:

well... i cant disagree. i know there are errors in there, but the thing is i am dutch and not all that great in english. i could say you are right but that would say i am wrong and that would mean i would make a reality that i dont like. why would i? :P

the thing is i dont think people should worry so much about being right or wrong
the result should be(in EVERYBODY'S eyes) a goood one

so were both right :P

All the reason

I understand what you are trying to say, I always think of that, and find no answer, becaue it don't have one.

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Mar 1, 2008
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