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NOTE: There isn't a preloader, sorry about that.

Hello everyone, this is just a short project I did in under an hour. I know it's not very good, but this being my first flash I put decent effort into the making.

I'm not asking you to vote 5, or to vote high ratings for no reason - just vote according to how much effort you think was put into my flash. I'll be extremely happy to see this pass through the portal, but if not, well that's just fine too.

All criticism/comments are welcome! I'll be responding to all reviews!


- Ohanko.

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{{pretty sweet}}

definatley needs some of work though. like the stick figures were drawn all choppy, and the tree needed a little more effort. also, instead of them standing on an island, you should have finished the scenery.

i understand you did this in under an hour, so 3/5 4/10.

hopefully your next submission will be a bit more complete, although this on wasn't terrible.

Ohanko responds:

What had happened with the environment was I screwed up on the dimensions while submitting. I just selected the default size, and after watching realized what I had done. The whole thing was supposed to fit though, not look like crap.

Yeah, it was just a short little something I did, didn't expect anything amazing from this, or for anyone to be amazed. And yes, my next submission will be much better. (I'm hoping.)

Thanks for the review! ;)

It's not bad! ;]

You should stop drawing this sticks if it's without colors.
Use the motion tween/shape with frame-by-frame.
I give you 7. Good luck in your work!

Ohanko responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I was really lazy whilst doing this, and I kept screwing up - which is part of the reason why this flash was so short. I got a little restless and decided to end it as abruptly as possible. But I will be practicing more, and hopefully become a better artist.


Its a start.

This was minimal, but, its a good start. This might not make it, but at least you can use this flash to perfect larger flash projects. Good luck in the future :)

Ohanko responds:

Thanks! It really was minimal, just a little something I put out there as a noobie flash artist to see where it would go. Honestly, deep down I didn't expect this flash to pass, but I'm pretty damn happy it did!

My future projects will be much better, with any luck.


good, but not perfect

it could have been beter if u made it longer

Ohanko responds:

Yeah, I was going to keep it going but I ran out of ideas. I know that may sound weird, but I was just sort of going along with whatever I had, I didn't plan anything out before hand.

But my next animation will most definitely be longer, and of much better quality. (Hopefully.)


Credits & Info

2.25 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2008
3:31 PM EST
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