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Author Comments

This is a type of reflex game involving boxes where in every level the scenario changes.

To Play:

Click the box that turns green, if you don't or miss you lose 1 life. Levels get harder each time, sometime in a different way. Push "P" to pause.

Note: for reviews please tell me how I can improve this game.

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It was so cool and also nice song to go with it except for the second song the hardest was when it began to rotate

very good

it is a very good game but it you be better if the grapichs were better and with the color of the square changes to the game became more dificult.


I had quite a bit of fun with this and showed it to a few people... I'm not too sure about when the large square is bouncing.. I swear i click on the right spot but it makes one on the other side go red.. (:*( I didn't click there)
Anyway.. I'd advise people to start on hard, so they don't lose interest before it gets interesting.. lol..


Its a pretty good game just too easy a lil too slow and it looses intrest rather fast but other than that its a good game

Some Suggestions

First of all, the animation gets very choppy when the larger cubes are spinning. I suggest maybe increasing the framerate there, or maybe not pushing the speed so hard... It's already quite difficult just since the board is a larger size. I'd suggest putting a longer reset/null time between blocks so the player isn't double-penalized for trying to click a box too late. I'd like to see an increase in the amount of time a block is clickable, and the addition of some other colored blocks popping up (red and blue are obvious choices) to compensate in terms of the difficulty. If more than one colored block showed up at once it would also add some more visual intrest to the game.

The music doesn't loop very cleanly, which is to say it doesn't sound like it flows together so it's obvious when it is replaying... It can get a bit abrasive in part because of this. There is also a lack of sound effects for correct and incorrect selections.

Graphically the game is a bit plain, but it's helpful that there is a lot of motion to keep some interest. A different neutral background every level (or two or three) along the lines of what was done in Zoop might be useful for adding some more visual intrest.

Different progressive backgrounds would also help the reward system. This game has no plot, cinematics, achievements, or score. The only reward to speak is in terms of level increase, seeing the next comment and the new difficulty. Adding any or all of these other things would help improve the game.

I'm not sure I like the way the difficulty levels are handled... I think the harder difficulty levels should begin at a higher game level, it would help improve replay value if players could jump in at the higher levels. Something achievements are also useful for (replay value.)

There also seems to be a code issue. While playing level 8 on hard I started (visually) gaining lives instead of losing them whenever I made a mistake. I can only assume I managed to lose two lives at once and went into the negatives. If that's the case, checking if lives are less than 1 instead of equal to 0 should fix that.

I am always happy to see people with a serious desire in improving their games. Good Luck.

Sawfish responds:

First of all I would like to thank you for telling me how to improve rather than just criticism. When I first had ideas about the game I was thinking of multi-color cubes, and now I know that I need to implement them. Also, the program I'm using for trimming the mp3s isn't easy to use and doesn't do a very good job (freeware) maybe I'll have to find another. I centered this game at a most simplistic idea, involving backgrounds that wouldn't be really busy, so it would be easy to focus. I agree with adding some kind of save function (or continue) so you can experience all the levels. I'll have to check lvl 8, I never had a glitch like that... Thanks again!

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2008
3:07 PM EST