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EDIT: Jumpcat is coming to Facebook soon! :D:D:D You'll be able to challenge your friends to beat your score.

Jumpcat is a fast-paced CPG (Cat-playing game), where you need to power jumps correctly to avoid the trees, rocks, helicopters, and missiles coming at you.
Thanks to Greg (Kongregate), and the beta testers from the Newgrounds and Kongregate.

There are several control schemes available, and each is fully explained in game. If you use a keyboard control scheme, the left arrow and the 'a' button will move you left while the right arrow and the 'd' button will move you right. Up, 'w', or space will power up a jump. Using mouse controls, move the mouse left and right and Jumpcat will move to that position. Click to jump. To pause, press 'p'. You can play this on your WII BROWSER- just select the mouse option and use the A button on the Wii remote to click.

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Nice idea for a game, so simple yet so addicting. The idea of three alternative control schemes at the start of the game was a nice addition, and the ability to jump certain heights, it adds a bit of a challenge to the game apart from just having the right timing. Simple graphics and fun gameplay. Keep it up!


cool game

that was a pretty nice game. fast-paced is right... maybe a little too fast in some spots, but this one was quite fun, had good gameplay and controls and it had a nice character in it. cool work on this one.

edit-undo responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure what noun-cat to introduce next though...


Excellent game man, and thanks for the message letting me know you had a new one out. Loved it! It's a good concept, especially the fact that jumps have to be charged up and the boulder was a pleasant yet difficult surprise! Only a couple playthroughs so far but excellent stuff, love it!

edit-undo responds:

Thankyouverymuch :D I'm really happy how this one turned out.

My Favorite!

This is my favorite game, I'm all over the highscores, Juniors the name, and also this is great because of the simple gameplay, yet there are so many different things in the game that contribute to the overall essence.

edit-undo responds:

Thanks for the awesome review :D Jumpcat is coming to Facebook soon so you can challenge your friends!

simply awesome

All my 5 are belong to this.

edit-undo responds:

Fantastic :D

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3.99 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2008
8:33 AM EST
Skill - Avoid