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Dancing Doctor

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NB: This is a short animation of a child's drawing with some music. No real plot, minimal dialogue, just a bit of fun... just so you know.
A short while ago I saw a young childs drawing. I asked him what it was and he said "Doctor." I loved this drawing, it was so full of life and character it seemed to be crying out for movement of its own - so I gave it movement and music.

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That actually kind of scared me a little

I'm not sure what exactly was creepin me out, but... I dont know it was something. That aside, it was pretty entertaining. I wouldn't mind seeing some of your less terrifying work.

Easedale responds:

Thanks for your comments - I suppose it could be a bit creepy, especially when it reminds you of drugged up wierdos (see nekoheehee's comment below).
Check out my user page for other submissions - they are quite diverse. The Love Tree should be a nice easy contrast for you!

Traurig Sontag!

So this get's a 9 from me just because you used Traurig Sontag for the opening before it's all techno. Which just happens to be my favorite song of all time. So yay you win!

Easedale responds:

Thanks for your comments - glad you like the music!

theres a story with this comment!

this reminds me of junior year i was in my math class sitting next to this druggy and she randomly starts talking, i'm not sure she was talking to me or any other real person for that matter. anywho, she started talking about taking some acid and scribling a man on a peice of paper. the man started to dance and sing heavy techno then ripped off her face and ate it... the moral of the story, its really nice to be out of highschool and not have to listen to that dribble any more :D
nice animation, i could see this geting from page just for shire randomness and music choice :D bravo

Easedale responds:

Wahay! This has got to be the best review I've ever had! What a great story. It's great to be entertained back in the review.
Thanks for your comments and encouragement.