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Subordinate Droids 3

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EDIT: Thanks for the front page, Tom! I said it once and I'll say it again: "You are a Top Man!"

Young Hamish (8) is over the moon when he makes friends with Becki, the new girl at school.
Unfortunately Beckis' father is none other than Slazman Pruce, an evil Government Lunatic who blames Hamish and his robot best friend Rex for the death of his father.
Within moments a Nuclear Homing Missile is dispatched to make short work of them.

As always, only friendship and teamwork assist our heroes but this time... will that be enough?

Special thanks to Courtney Leacock and Francine Louise for providing the extra voices!

And Special Thanks also to Tom Fulp for his support and for allowing this thing on his mighty fine web-site!

I should also thank the fantastic audio artists for their work! Check them out!

Oh, if your computer is a bit slow then you might want to adjust the quality settings- it may look "cartoon-y" but there is quite a lot going on.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to click the API ads as the cartoon is loading as all the money raised is split between the Breast Caner Research Fund and the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Check out their profiles for more info! :D


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Animation Overall: 9.7/10
Graphics: 9/10
Audio: 7/10
Fluidity: 10/10
Voices: 10/10
Acting: 10/10

Stars: 10/10

Rating: W00t! All my 5 r belong to this.

Graphics: could be little more streamlined and thought out but impressive still. Also could have more believable blast patterns for missile impacting into each other, they would be spherical, not mushroom shaped, think like fireworks, only with fire and smoke instead of randomly scattered colored stars.

Audio: The explosions for the missiles would be nice and concussive with a nice booming noise. That took a lot off of the audio rating.

Fluidity: Everything kept moving as it should, that's a sign of REALLY DAMN GOOD animating.

Voices: Did really well, no ideas.

Acting: The animation did well with doing lipsynchs, but some of the shapes were slightly off, however, it didn't detract because the inflections and emotions were portrayed accurately.

the last by your request

Animation: 9/10
Story: 9/10


Story: evil lunatic has a son, he vows revenge...you sure can come up with some nice stuff, generic? who cares ^^

Audio: was great, although quality could have been better

Dynamic: almost everything you need in a regular pro flash^^

ohh I forgot to talk about the animation in the last flash, sorry about that, anyhow if you need more reviews just ask ^^

sorbitol responds:

Thanks for all the reviews DarkRider2000! I really appreciate them!
And I'm glad you haven't had too many complaints! :D

I should have a new cartoon up in May 2009. It's taking ages to make but hopefully someone might like it :O

I'll let you know when it's released!!

Thanks again good sir!


2pie65 + This flash = me like. ;)

Liked it - not best I've seen, but probably one of the best in my opinion :)
Keep it up!

sorbitol responds:

2pie65 + review = me happy!

Thank you good sir!!

I'll try to improve :D


This series is a refreshing change of pace regarding robots. Somehow, this reminds me of an old series: "Astroboy and the Galaxy Patrol". Ever heard of it? About a little boy raised by robots? I think it's around c. 1965 or something.

Anyway, your storyline is simplly admirable, and your artwork very detailed. This series had me hooked since episode 1, and I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Again, thank you for a truly enjoyable series. Keep 'em coming!!!

sorbitol responds:

Thanks so much!

I had a look on YouTube for "Astroboy and the Galaxy Patrol" but there were no results. I'd love to find it somewhere- it sounds like the sort of thing I'd like!
I'm really happy that you like the series.
Reviews like yours keep me going!

Thanks Galos!


Dude, I love the entire Subordinate Droids series! I can't wait for the next one!

sorbitol responds:

Thanks a lot, yoshimickster!

Glad you're liking the series!
I'm just getting some ideas together for part 4 but so far looking good!

Thanks for the support, matey!