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Mario Versus Tetris Pt 3

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Author Comments

MvT 3 has been released! Though it has been a month, I haven't worked on it for nearly that long, so don't expect a sudden skyrocket in quality. Well, enjoy. Again, plenty of plot development, I am not too good at choreographing fight scenes yet. Still though, one will soon be well overdue.

Using all of the helpful reviews(not all of them) I think I can do a better job with part 4. It will take more time, but I'm still aiming for that 3!

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great job you did it right!

i mean everyone makes bad looking flashes but you do them in a good way 4501/5
OVER 9000/10

umm... ok

yea you could do better. it was kinda short. plot was good though.


i hate top say this but it was pretty good, the first still sucked though -_-


i cant believe im saying this, but i liked this the story was interesting and im going to watch the earlier ones, work alot on the animation and you could be good.

Not bad...

But, you could animate it to make it a bit more convincing. Not only that, but the text went a little. Could use a little more work.