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This is a designer/ dress up game for a character I am using in a new series "Weavulland". Weavuls consist of a round head, body, arms and stumpy feet with cream coloured skin. Please comment and vote- without them, I won't know whether you like it or not.

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Cute, simple, my kind of minature dress up.

Darksunda responds:

Wow, someone commented on this piece of shit? Well thanks anyhow.

not good at all

I dont like it. theres not much to do in it. you need to add more clothes and accessories like gloves, tattoos, cigs, different shoes, a background and different music. Art isnt to bad but this game needs alot of work. I hope the series will be good atleast.

Darksunda responds:

alright- but I'm not going to work on this right now. I'm making the episodes, and when i have some spare time I'll put some work in. Yeh, hopefully the series should turn out alright.


its okay but i think the character would be better suited for a platformer game or a johny racketfingers type of game. Also i think you need to add more clothes

Darksunda responds:

k... i dont wanna do a jonny rocketfingers game. maybe if you read the commentary, you'd know what im using him in.


you need more clothes.and add some bling to it too.Good luck with your series.

Darksunda responds:

The series itself is set at the beginning of time when the earth was first made. "bling" didn't exist.


I guess it was a little fun... for like 10 secs.!!!

Darksunda responds:

K- hopefully the episodes will be more than 10 seconds.

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3.90 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2008
12:34 PM EST
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