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OK! I tryed to make it as easy as possible, so I added hints, chapter passwords and button counter...
And there is a little flashback from first game, so those who haven't played dood1 could understand what's going on!

P.S. You need to click right object in the field to get further in the game!

P.P.S. If you click the wrong one, you might see a little action - sometimes nothing changes, but often you can die!

P.P.P.S If you die, click the black dot - it will move you back to last choice!

P.P.P.P.S. Some objects are dragable and they can often interfere with other objects!

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great game! no dood 3?

even though he walks around like an 80 year old man, he can sure dodge a sword. i really enjoy all the fantastic crazy adventures you make with your character, dood. they make you think you kind of like your in a dream, but at the same time, its a great RPG. anyone who is anyone will love this game.

Alright. Review Time.

After playing it through without quitting once, i think this is one of those games that has humor and since i played the 1st one i wanted to know what happens next (in that brilliantly funny story you made up :P). But when i got into the game, there were 2 things that struck me immediately as plain bad.
For one, dood moves like a 90 year old. FREAKIN SLOW! really, if you do something like you did and have the same animation over and over when clicking the rubber after just having found the thing, make the animation FASTER. If i can't skip the animation when clicking the rubber, i really dont want to be looking at a headless dood for 10 seconds.
Second, when i was at the hot air balloon, i almost tore my hair out. Okay, so you made it abit slow. I can live with that. BUT i CANNOT live with having a hot air balloon that moves like a turtle, and things flying at me that move like they have Hermes' sandals on. Some were impossible to avoid until i had memorized the level. 4 obstacles were really unfair: The black bird, the aeroplane, the meteor, and the hill. Next time, at least make a danger indicator so i at least know where the obstacle is gonna fly at me from.

**TO PLAYERS**: at the hot air balloon scene, when the blackbird moves across the middle of the screen, IMMEDIATELY go into the top left corner of the screen and STAY THERE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST. If you dont, either the plane, meteor, soldier or hill will kill you and you'll have to start over again. From the beginning of the level.****

All in all, fun game (if perhaps a bit slow and i already told you bout the balloon).
I'm giving it a 7/10 and a 4/5. Cos it really could make me laugh sometimes.

divzip responds:

This is realy hilarious review! And I will totaly bear in mind you're sugestions, while making new dood game! I think this is the best and also most longest review I ever had!


Very good all it needs is better graphics.

Very good!

Cool game.

Nicely done.

I didn't have the patience to go entirely through the game, But it was fun to how far I managed to get. :]