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Metroid Prime Hunters

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Yes! After five months of hard work, this seven minute epic tribute to the awesome game Metroid Prime Hunters is finally complete. I really hope you enjoy!

It's been a tough haul, but it was worth every minute.
And keep an eye out for the easter eggs!

Voice acting by
Thanks, you guys! You were great!

Special thanks to
Tom Fulp
Rubber Ninja
Dan Paladin
for all the advice and support!

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I would have rated a 0 but those kids screaming "ALT SPAMMER!" was spot on, other than that this movie is just garbage

Thios did not take u 5 months

u just said that for people to rate high.
bad not funny and tnhe title seemed cool but u made itcrap... to bad... i though it was gona be good...

Not Good

The only funny thing was "Help I'm getting alt killed"


i thought it was funny but for the fiture u should state if it has flashing lights. (you can get sued if u do not state it has flahing colors and someone has a sezuire from it, just a little tip)


SUCKY music, no metroid, no samus aran, nothing, just stupid mexican one.