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Custom Cursor Made Easy

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I like feedback...

If you thought this tutorial was good...

Say so and I'll do more.

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This helped me, although... one thing. I've done my ENTIRE Flash in one frame. I hated adding a second one just for one thing. That's the only thing that bugged me. It helps and it's very simple. If you can add a non-new-layer tutorial that would be helpful, if you can't, not your fault. Oh, and does it matter what layer you put it in, above or below?


Nice help ;)

alright, but ..

Instead of doing a single quick tutorials like this, you should Throw all of them together. Sort of a no frills quick loading flash program with easy access to what the user is looking for. Oh well just an idea.


This doesn't really belong here, as it is not really a movie or a game. This kind of stuff belongs on a Flash help site. It also does not really appeal to a wide audience, only those who use Flash or some other similar program. I'm not downing your skills or anything, I just think that this kind of stuff belongs elsewhere.

polyrhythmm responds:

most people who come here... use flash.

and most people who upload here, use the premade newgrounds preloader...

so i think its very relevant

easier way

make a cursor make sure the circle is on the top left when you make it a movie clip
give it the instance cursor and give "cursor" the actions
onClipEvent (load) {
startDrag("_root.cursor", true);

polyrhythmm responds:

I disagree.

functions are the easiest way.