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So my brother gets a DS for christmas. I've never been a big fan of portable gaming systems, but having used my friends's PSP's I'm expecting something usable. I hadn't used a DS before, except for the gay brainage samples at wal-mart. I play it, and OMG IS IT UTTER SHIT. No capacity for music, pictures, nor videos. No internet (except for the fruity picto-chat thing.) Multiplayer is a bitch to set up because Nintendo phails at Wi-Fi, and likes to call it "Nintendo Wi-Fi" (I've had to convince people that Wi-Fi was not invented by Nintendo for their games, which suck by the way. -.-) Oh, and go in ANY menu, settings, wi-fi, pictochat, or whatever and you have to shutdown to exit out of it. WHAT THE HELL! I almost crushed the thing.

If only the DS were more like the PSP....

Then I thought, what if the PSP were more like the DS.... and this was created.

It's not much, just a short spoof of the DS.

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so terrible was not even worth my time if ya going to do summit like that at least make it funny didnt find the facepalm funny the first time but to do it everytime was so boring

weres ur solution...



I feel your pain about the crappy wal-mart one the one at my wal-mart is so scrached up u cant see the damn game...


You are a Nintendo DS And You Are A EDGE DS!


Thats why Sony is teh best. My little sister is like "Why couldn't I get a DS" When i got a PSP. I'm just like its a piece of crap thats why. Shes just all "Well your type of DS doesn't have magicaly magic game" I just say that game is thirty fricking dollars just for a little candle trick that is so fricking obvious and plus its PSP not DS, Nintendo doesn't know the meaning of video games even though they made the first gaming console. Nintendo hell no... Sony FUCK YEAH!

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Feb 25, 2008
6:23 PM EST
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