Death Goddess Dressup

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This is a cute dressup game that vivii and I was working on a while ago. i know not many of you like it, but i thought i should put it on here anyway.


I like it.

it's so kawaii..

Average dress-up

It's cute and all, but it was hard to see what you we're dragging. Something about the colours wasn't right.

Not again...

This is a message to all dress-up makers:
The pictures are really nice and cute as hell, but they all look jaggy because they´re not redered with vectors. And, if you want to take off the shirt, you have to take the arms´ garments first, because they´re a square transparent GIF.
I really encourage you to learn how to draw in a vector program (Flash is quite tricky when drawing) and make another one. You can make an excellent game. This is a main flaw in a dress-up, trust me.

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I really liked this game... and I normally don't dig dressup games. There's something about pornography being available which makes dragging off the clothes to see some naughty bits a little pointless...

In any case, YES to this game. The music was awesome and kept with the whole cute and light nature, the outfits were original, some of the placing was a bit difficult (the eyes, esp. with eyebrows on the eyes and the doll), but bravo for bringing the awesomeness of super-deformed anime into a dress up game... and for making one where it's dress up, not dress off.


indeed, the fact that you made a dressup suitable for children is a good point, these days dressups are all about the boobs and the sounds they make if you click on them, it's a fun game and that's the way it should be.

I like the art too, some dressups have got such crappy art it hurts my eyes! The hairstyles were cool, the music was cool, you've got my 4.

Keep it up.

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2.86 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2008
12:49 AM EST
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