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-Jmtb02 Snake-

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-- THIS IS A TRIBUTE TO JMTB02, FOR JMTB02 || Others will (hopefully) be submitting their tributes for this awesome guy too D; --

I actually made this a while ago, for what was going to be jmtb02 day, but that never happened.

Until Kart-Man brang jmtb02 day back, secretively ;D!

In this game, you must click, drag, and move the mouse to eat up the purple blocks as quickly as possible using jmtb02's pet snake (as far as I know, jmtb02's pet is actually a cat), earn the highest possible score to win! Depending on your score, a symbol will be shown to you at the end, draw this symbol in the unlockables area to change your snake (kinda buggy detection but oh well ;P).

The symbols include: Ball Revamped Ball (circle), Rabbit (rabbit-head (circle with 2 lines on-top)), John's Head (J) and a Star (star).

Good luck, have fun, and a happy jmtb02 day to you all D:!

PS: Sorry the game is pretty laggy, just tried to speed things up as much as I could.

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Undefinded sounds & glitches game
1. What can be to sound please help me to enabled sound :(
2. Poping snake are times up to 1:00 only hit snake
3. Wasn't Boz on 3rd name
4. No Instruction only Unlockables WHAT'S
5. Letter are bot only soft only letters but only
6. Freaking letters & wasn't poor letter bot
7. Moving squares only balance square
8. Shall but the snake only arrow keys
9. Poor & lag just is isn't games only
10. Very good games & non lag
11. Music rock dance & you
12 .Sounds are enable sounds
13.Non lager games
14.Recommends only
15. Only recommend com net org
16. Non clumsy games
17. But only awesome games
18. No spam games
19. but sample games only
20. recommended all

sorry mate

its not my kind of game there wasnt anything to do really


I couldnt draw the shape in the unlockables, oh well. liked the game though

Two glitches-

One, when I made the Ball Revamped head, the came froze, and two, I don't hear any sound. But it IS a nice game.

Jindo responds:

the game*? Strange, it doesn't freeze for me.

And you won't hear the sound because it loads from my site, so you have to wait at the preloader (sorry I didn't have time to add some kind of indicator for how much of a song is loaded), the menu song doesn't usually work, but after about a minute or 2, you should be able to hear the audio for the in-game part :).

Thanks for the review and thanks for playing!

Nice, simple game

Not the greatest game, nor the funnest. But it is still a nice, relaxing (slightly modified) game of Snake. Keep up the good work! Maybe someday someone will make a Jindo Snake!

Oh, and hai from Kongregate, 'tis Malachi here. Now get back there and slave over avatar requests!

Jindo responds:

Thanks for the review ;D.

It's my lunch break, I get some time to myself, away from the avatars D:!