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EDIT: Frontpage under judgement! Tom, you're the best.
EDIT: If you would like to download any of two songs featured in this flash, I put them up ng, so just check click the links to the left to listen/download them.

This cartoon is a tale of a boy who was too indie for his own good.
Much, much, much too indie...

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iit was too repeative in it's structure and the art was too simple


good satire of the stereotypical wannabe indie person who ends up being as common as the rest of the wannabe indies etc

I like the ending in this

im actually indie, and i found this funny :)

"i dont even like indie anymore, its too mainstream!" i loved that!
great art work, great sound, but it could of been a little longer though.
overall, nice work. please, if u can make a sequel, please do! i love this flash!

Irony strikes again

I used to be like that

Art mimcs life!

This gave me a good laugh. I think the point that all the indie kids are missing is that there really isn't such a thing. Maybe artsy, but not indie...unless they're just giving a name to a "fashion movement" then I guess it's possible. Idk, I call it "heroin chic". They all look like druggies to me.