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Spriting 101: First Steps

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My first flash submission has a score of 2! It's not much but i'm happy, and it was all thanks to my loving fans. I'll start the second one, (Spriting 102: Catchem all) tomorrow, depending how busy I am.


Here is the first tutorial for ripping and animating sprites from "SplatterHouse". This first tutorial will teach you how to start everything up and what you need to download.


I made this because all my friends keep asking how to rip and animates sprites, and there are few good tutorials out there. Hopefully this will solve any queeries.


Please tell me if there is any bugs/typos or broken links.


*WARNING*: Under law, you can only have rom of games you already own. If you do not have "SplatterHouse", either use a game you do have or do not use this tutorial. You have been warned.

Find out you local areas laws to find out more. Once again, you have been warned.


Aside from that, there is no violence, nudity, explicit audio, text or adult themes, so the whole family can enjoy spriting.


Also, my first tut and flash submission.


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Pretty great.

I just learned how to do that. Though i need a copy of the game so it doesn't count as piracy... err... w/e. Still, its helpful to those who want to make sprite movies.

Kygore612 responds:

Thanks for the review, and actually taking time to read.


Im not sure newgrounds condones piracy as you saying of downloading a rom and a emulator it is piracy if you dont own a orginal copy of that game. sorry but this isnt something people should think is right buy the orginal copy and have your way at it

Kygore612 responds:

I said only use if you have the original of the game. You cant rip sprites from a gameboy, you have to do it on the PC. Get your facts right.

He's right.

knightofthesky is right. By the way, if you are not done, you are supposed to submit it to NG alphas. Not here.

Kygore612 responds:

It IS finsihed, they are going to be in parts, be patient.

im confused

you didnt even tell how to rip the sprites
wait for the next submission? lame

Kygore612 responds:

Be patient.

a bit short

but it was good it tought how to rip them you good of explained it better but you did good 7/10 from me

Kygore612 responds:

Thanks, the capturing of the sprites (number 2) will also be quite short, but the editting of them (number 3) should be quite lengthy.

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1.41 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2008
10:44 AM EST